Bill O’Reilly’s True Colors

O’Reilly always claims he is a traditionalist and that he calls it fair and straight down the middle. Bill O’Reilly interviewed Donald Trump just before the Super bowl.  During this interview, when O’Reilly said that Putin was a killer, Trump badmouthed the US, implying it was no better than Russia. O’Reilly was taken aback. And yet a couple of weeks later on his show’s eMail segment he said – Trump believes in America’s greatness, while Obama thought the US had […]

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Double Standards?!

This is from an instagram screenshot via Facebook (author unknown)

Bill Clinton had an affair and tried to cover it up. Let’s impeach him. Trump had an affair and flaunted it, let’s elect him President.
Hillary deleted eMails and fessed up to it. Let’s call her crooked and investigate her to the ends of the earth. Trump defies a judge’s order and deletes eMail. He is just being a businessman.
Hillary has a penchant for privacy. Let’a call her untrustworthy. Trump does not […]

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Political Tribalism

The latest fracas about Donald Trump just illustrates further that for all of the Republican Party’s talk of principles such as, conservatism, reverence for the constitution, etc., it is just hogwash.  The GOP has to its credit always indicated a simple mantra for explaining what was their guiding political principle, namely “Lower Taxes, Less Government, Free Trade, More Freedom”.  But if you look at their policies, this is what is clear:

In the 1980s and 1990s, the “less government” part did […]

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Newsflash for the Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill is not the answer. The Dolphins, a storied franchise in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s has been abysmal for far too may years. He seems to hold on to the ball too long. He is erratic.  His accuracy is questionable. He seems to have no internal clock that lets him know he has been holding the ball too long or the natural awareness that good quarterbacks have for sensing a defender approaching and getting rid of the ball. […]

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Trump is Right (Sadly So)!

Donald Trump caused quite a stir when he answered a question about abortion from Chris Mathews. He said that if abortion was banned and then a woman underwent the procedure, then she should be subjected to some punishment, though he was not sure what the punishment would be.  This invited a howl of protests from the ant-choice (“Pro-Life”) crowds, saying the women was a victim and so should not be punished, etc.  But what Trump’s comments really revealed, were the […]

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Scary Choices

Last Thursday’s GOP debate ought to make every American voter really concerned. The three leading candidates on stage (Trump, Rubio and Cruz) were vying to be – Who’s the most obnoxious one on stage! If you listened to their policy positions, you would think that they had taken leave of their senses. What’s even more scary, is that of these three, Trump was the one who showed some human empathy for those less fortunate. The other two were eager to show […]

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Marco Rubio – Just a Glib Frontman for Vested Interests?

Senator Rubio’s Saturday debate performance in New Hampshire has been mocked all over the media. David Frum perfectly captures, via this twitter stream, the difference between Rubio in 2016 and Obama in 2008.  Sure, both are/were inexperienced and untested. Yet there is a world of difference between the two. Rubio tries to justify his seeking of the office of the Presidency, with a backhanded compliment to Obama, saying that though Obama was inexperienced, he was still able to bring about changes that Republicans […]

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Another Planet in the Solar System?

From the Christian Science Monitor:
The news that a planet about 10 times more massive than Earth may orbit the sun somewhere beyond Neptune has stirred up incredible excitement among scientists and the general public. But hold the phone — no planet has been discovered yet. In a video released by NASA, Jim Green, NASA’s director of planetary science, cautions that it is still too early to claim that Earth’s solar system has nine planets (again). “The idea of a new planet is certainly […]

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Affirmative Action

Fredrik deBoer has an excellent post on this topic. He approaches this from the pro-Affirmative Action perch.  His salient points are:

This is a question that people… absolutely have to answer if they want to grapple with this issue in an honest way: are you comfortable with a university system with incredibly low percentages of black and Hispanic students? With percentages of black and Hispanic students that are far lower than their averages in the population? That’s what you’re actually advocating […]

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