Bill O’Reilly’s True Colors

O’Reilly always claims he is a traditionalist and that he calls it fair and straight down the middle. Bill O’Reilly interviewed Donald Trump just before the Super bowl.  During this interview, when O’Reilly said that Putin was a killer, Trump badmouthed the US, implying it was no better than Russia. O’Reilly was taken aback. And yet a couple of weeks later on his show’s eMail segment he said – Trump believes in America’s greatness, while Obama thought the US had deficiencies that need to be addressed! Can you imagine Bill O’Reilly being so sanguine, if Obama had uttered the words that Trump did.

Obama always takes pains to say that his story was possible only in the US and that his accomplishments were a testament to America’s greatness. Of course he also quotes Martin Luther King often, saying the arc of the moral universe may be long, but that it bends towards justice. And he rightfully calls out the things that are wrong in America and how they should be rectified so that we become a more perfect union.  This, in O’Reilly’s mind, is calling out America. And yet when Trump blatantly casts the US and Russis in the same light, O’Reilly deludes himself and his viewers by saying , oh, well, Trump believes in America’s greatness. Either O’Reilly has a special thesaurus where these words have alternate meanings, or as is more likely, despite all his protestations to the contrary, O’Reilly is just a partisan hack.

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