Dolphins… Dolphins… Dolphins…!

Baltimore Ravens 26 – Miami Dolphins 23

Once again, the Dolphins seem to be reverting to their old ways.  Flirt with victory and then end in disappointment.  Down 3 and the ball was near the Ravens 30 yard line with a minute to go.  The ball has been spiked to stop the clock.  2nd down and 10 yards to go.  We have a good kicker, who had been perfect this season.  Hopefully we can punch it in and win.  At the very least we can kick a field goal and go into overtime on our home turf.  The only thing one can not do, is get sacked.  And that is precisely what Tannehill does! How could it be? All that the QB needs to do is just throw the ball away. But no… That’s the Dolphins in a nutshell.

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