Openness to New ideas – Selectively Recommended!

In Friday’s (May 1, 2015) New York Times, David Brooks posits that while liberals bemoan poverty and lack of funding to be that root cause of urban strife in the United State, the facts are that Baltimore spends over $15,000.00 per student (the second highest in the nation) on education. And yet the results are, still endemic and stifling poverty, leading to crime and unrest. So he wants us as a nation to take a new approach, such as stressing cultural aspects.  While I have not verified the facts asserted by David in his column (and I have quite a few quibbles with his formulation), nevertheless, for purposes of this discussion, let’s concede the point that he is making.

His position is that, as something has not worked for 30+ years, we should try something new.  However when it comes to the Republican mantra of Tax Cuts for the wealthy lifting all boats, David is a party line conservative. All the Republican Presidential candidates espouse this line and to my knowledge, David has not contradicted them or even raised doubts about their position.  The facts are that we have tried this supply-side economic policy for 30+ years, and yet the income gap and wealth disparity has only widened. However no one on the conservative side of the aisle seems to be clamoring for trying something new. Not the Republican politicians, and certainly not David Brooks.  Instead they come up with some rationalization as to why thngs have come to such a pass.  They always take great care to shield tax cuts for the top 10 percent as even a likely cause for this state of affairs. Not only that, they are actually pushing tax cuts for the wealthy as the cure for redressing income disparity. Wonder what happened to David’s broad minded search for, and openness to, alternate solutions, especially when something has not worked for 30+ years.

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